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Aqua Hills RO Water Purifier In Bangalore

Aqua Hills RO Systems is a 10 years old company based in Karnataka having more than 10000 customers across Karnataka. We always had a dream of providing pure and healthy reverse osmosis water through high quality water purifiers.

To make our dream comes true; we are introducing our new brand Aqua Hills RO Systems, which is served by a team of experts and professionals. Our technicians have always kept a strict watch on the quality of purifiers to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Aqua Hills RO Systems

What is RO?

Our water purification systems equipped with Reverse Osmosis Technology and Nine Stage Purification

Water Purifier bangalore


We are ISO 9001-2015 certified company serving quality RO products across the state. Our products are certfied by water quality association..

Contact Info

For product enquiry and dealership across Karnataka, please contact TOTAL WATER WORLD, "Aqua Hills RO", #463/3, Near TVS Showroom ..

Customer Focus

Customer satisfaction is our foremost preference, we are amplifying an effective customer relations through our class services.

  • Aqua Hills RO Systems
  • Providing Pure and Healthy Reverse osmosis Water
  • Aqua Hills RO Systems
  • Providing Pure and Healthy Reverse osmosis Water
  • 1. To provide healthy and pure water using RO and UV technology through high quality water purifiers.

    2. Build healthy relationship with our valuable customers by providing quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Aqua Hills RO Systems ensure's to assist our clients making their dreams become a reality.

  • 1. Our fundamental mission is to ensure that every household has access to clean, fresh and safe drinking and cooking water, for as long as they need it.

    2. We also believe that safe drinking water should taste great, and should be filled with healthy minerals. Drinking water can then be an invigorating experience as well as be good for your health too.

Aqua Hills Ro Systems Water Purifier Manufacturers in Bangalore and Thrissur, is one of the brand known in for its Quality. With the aim of providing pure and healthy reverse osmosis water through high quality water purifiers. .A team of Experience and expert people keep a look for all the processes till the product reaches the customers.

Best Water Purifier Manufacturers in Bangalore,Thrissur India

The 10 years old, water Purifier Company in Bangalore has more than 10000 customers across Karnataka and also serves the people of Cochin. The Company is dealing with 50 Partner Project.
The company aims in providing Quality service Which will help people to lead a healthy life.
The company goes with its 9 stages of water filtrations with rich industry experience and knowledge, the company is engaged in offering a best quality of water for people in Karnataka and Kerala. This purification stages are developed in by using quality material & advance techniques. Also quality controllers check this purification at various quality parameters to assure best quality delivery.
This, water purifier in Bangalore works with the concept of RO(Reverse Osmosis) There are many impurities such as fluoride, Lead, Pesticides, Detergents and many more which need to be removed from the solution thus making it pure which is done by the process of Reverse Osmosis so in simple terms Reverse Osmosis is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids such as salts leads etc are removed from a solution which is water. This is accomplished by household water pressure pushing the tap water through a semi permeable membrane.
The feature of this water purifier is UV water Purification which is used to make the water free from all germs, microscopic organism and infections which prevents any water-borne disease thus keeping us and our family healthy.
So, With this method by applying different purifying technology to filter water Aqua hills proves to be the best water purifier in Bangalore ,with RO+UV purification techniques they can be used for sources containing hard water as they remove extra salts and kills germs from water making it safe for drinking purpose.

Aqua Hills Water Purifier in Bangalore, Thrissur Offers and Specification

Aqua Hills RO systems the best water purifier company in Bangalore offers a wide range of specifications that meet the individual as well as group requirement depending the use is either for Domestic purpose or Commercial Purpose. Our Clients are Honoured in every way. Moreover, our range finds enormous demand in the industry for its durability, less maintenance and trouble-free performance.
The water purifier in Bangalore has many products they deal with such as Crystal-aqua hills, BIO Ultima, plearl Gold +,15-25 LPH RO System iswhich is meant to use for Commercial purpose,UTC Model and many more are available.
As we believe that by providing services consistently, we not only build stronger customer relationships. Our commitment to serve our customers will remain our driving force for the years to come.